The former deputy principal of a Pretoria’s Waterkloof high school, Dr Louis Dey, is suing three pupils after they distributed a doctored picture in 2006 of him masturbating with the principal.

According to the Pretoria News, the picture, which showed two men masturbating on a couch next to one another, was doctored to include the faces of Dey and Principle Dr Christoff Becker.

The picture was put up on the school notice board and was later sent out via e-mail to hundreds of pupils at the school.

A tearful Dey told a Pretoria Judge that he resigned at the end of 2007, after 12 years at the school, because he was so humiliated by the incident that he could not face his pupils.

He is suing two former pupils, Christian Gildenhuys and Reinhard Janse van Rensburg, and another pupil who remains at the school, for defamation. The third boy, who is under 18, cannot be named.

They have acknowledged doctoring the image but say that it was done as a joke and that they have already been sufficiently punished.

At the time, the pupils not only faced various penalties at school, but were also found guilty of crimen injuria by a Pretoria magistrate and sentenced to 56 hours community service.

Dey, who is now the headmaster of another school, is claiming R600,000 in damages.

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