A poll by a European dating site has revealed that more gay men would prefer to date Prince Harry than Prince William.

According to The Prince Charming poll on, Harry (24) received around 33 percent of the votes compared to 23 percent for his older brother William (26).

“This fraught romantic vote suggests divided royal loyalties. Indeed, many gay male singles are so torn they say they would need to date both our young princes,” said that site’s spokespersons Adrian Gillan.

About a third of the respondents said that they would not date either of the British princes.

The site also asked its lesbian visitors about which of the two princes’ girlfriends they would choose to date.

According to the poll, 23 percent of lesbians would prefer to date William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton as compared to Harry’s Chelsy Davy who only received 18 percent of the votes.

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