Brutally murdered: Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado

A man has been arrested for the horrific murder of a nineteen year old gay teen in Puerto Rico.

The 28 year old is suspected of killing Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, who was decapitated, dismembered and burned in the town of Cayey.

According to reports, the man will appear before a judge to face charges relating to the crime.

It is thought that the murder may have been motivated by Mercado’s sexuality. The teen was said to be popular and well-liked within the local gay community.

An investigating officer, Angel Rodriguez, has been slammed after suggesting that Mercado deserved what he got because of his “lifestyle”.

Appearing on TV, Rodriguez said: “Someone like that, who does those kinds of things, and goes out in public, knows full well that this might happen to him.”

According to web blog Towleroad’s translation, Gay activist Pedro Julio Serrano told Primera, that it “is inconceivable that the investigating officer suggests that the victim deserved his fate, like a woman deserves rape for wearing a short skirt. We demand condemnation of this investigator and demand that Superintendent Figueroa Sancha replace him with someone capable of investigating this case without prejudice.”

It is not yet clear if the murder will be prosecuted as a hate crime.

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