Cecilia Munnik

A Pretoria woman is suing a fellow church member who allegedly kicked her between her legs in an attempt to “convert” her to heterosexuality.

According to the Pretoria News, Cecilia Munnik (31) is suing Margaret de Beer in the Pretoria High Court for R1,5-million in damages as a result of the May 2007 incident.

Munnik claims that while attending a birthday party a scuffle ensued between her and de Beer because Munnik had parked her car in front of de Beer’s home, blocking her driveway.

The court papers allege that de Beer told Munnik that she was “ungodly” and would “go straight to hell” because she is a lesbian and then allegedly repeatedly kicked Munnik in her crotch until she lost consciousness.

Munnik also claims that de Beer’s husband stopped her friend from intervening in the assault, which was apparently witnessed by several people.

She says that she was unable to work for two weeks and is suing for R 1 million for pain, suffering and medical expenses and R 500,000 for ‘hurt feelings’ as a result of the anti-gay insults, which Munnik described as “hate speech”.

The de Beers’ have denied the claims and will fight the suit. While both women are members of the Hatfield Christian Church they did not know each other until the alleged incident.

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