Rebeca Arellano & Haileigh Adams. (Pic: Rebeca Arellano)

Two lesbian teens in America, who were voted their school’s ‘homecoming king and queen’, have received a flood of hateful e-mails and phone calls.

Last week, Rebeca Arellano was crowned king and her girlfriend, Haileigh Adams, queen by students at the Patrick Henry High School in San Diego.

“I hope people understand that lesbians and gays do need the same rights,” Adams told FOX 5 San Diego.

It is believed that the couple are the first lesbian homecoming couple in the United States.

The couple said that they had not intended to run for the title and were surprised by the attention they received.

As a result of the national and international media coverage of their win, school officials have reported that the couple have been on the receiving end of a negative backlash, some of which they described as “disturbing”.

Bill Kowba, San Diego school superintendent – who supports the couple – told the LA Times that people are “demonstrating such a lack of tolerance and are presenting such a negative role model for children with their hateful comments”.

Kowba wished the couple and the school well. “I look forward to the day when all students can come to school, free of harassment and bullying,” he said.

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