Germany has granted asylum to the former captain of Uganda’s female rugby team, the She Cranes, after she was physically abused for being a lesbian.

Behind The Mask reported last week that Lilian Ikulmet, who was also a sports reporter in Uganda, told German news service DW News that she had been raped and beaten in her homeland because of her sexual orientation.

She also told the service that she now intends to find a job and get her own apartment in Germany and will also apply for a visa for her Ugandan girlfriend, whom she hopes to marry.

The notorious Ugandan tabloid, Red Pepper, which has previously outed gays and lesbians and called for their execution, also reported on Ikulmet’s successful asylum application.

“The rugger chick who carries a scar on the face and wears short, spiky dreadlocks explained that it was inevitable to quit Uganda saying, ‘the men told me: Until you stop being a lesbian, we will continue to do this to you…’” said the newspaper.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda. Those found guilty of gay sex can be sentenced to life imprisonment. Efforts continue to pass a bill in parliament that would add the death penalty to possible sentences against gay and lesbian people.

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