A Durban man has admitted to strangling his former gay lover and the man’s sister with an electrical cord, reports The Mercury newspaper.

Mario Tsware pleaded guilty to the murders in court on Tuesday. He faces a life sentence for killing Dennis Roberts (75), and Roberts’s sister, Crystal Roberts (71).

In his plea, Tsware (29) said that he met Roberts through an online dating site and they began a relationship, despite Roberts’s sister not approving.

When Tsware lost his job, Roberts helped to support him financially. He said that the relationship turned sour after Roberts constantly demanded sex from him and threatened to withhold money.

“He forced me to introduce him to my parents, which I was reluctant to do because I was a closet homosexual,” Tsware added.

He claims that Roberts assaulted him when they broke up, stopped assisting him financially and refused to take his calls.

Tsware and an accomplice, named as Sthe Ximba, lured Roberts to a hotel where they strangled him and stole R300 and his car.

They drove to Roberts’ house, where his sister also lived. They were let in under the guise of collecting a cell phone charger that had been left at the house and attacked the woman.

“I drew the same cord that I used to strangle Dennis and wrapped it around her neck,” Tsware said. Ximba also stabbed the woman in the neck to ensure she was dead.

In addition to the murder charges, Tsware also pleaded guilt to two counts of robbery with aggravating circumstances. Police are on the hunt for Ximba.

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