Thorson (left) with Liberace and Thorson now.

The man who was Liberace’s lover has claimed that he also had an affair with Michael Jackson in the 1980s.

Scott Thorson is best known for his relationship with the late, flamboyant pianist which started in 1976.

Now Thorson (54) has told Entertainment Tonight’s Christina McLarty that he was also involved with the late pop superstar Michael Jackson.

“Michael and I had a relationship that…would cross the boundaries,” he revealed.

When asked if the relationship had been sexual, he replied: “That’s about all I’m comfortable in saying. We were both young, we both liked each other, we had a lot of fun. We went all over Europe together. Michael was my best friend, I was his best friend.”

This is not the first time that Thorson has made these claims. In 2004, he gave more details to the National Enquirer.

He said then that he meet Jackson in 1979 after they were introduced by Liberace in Las Vegas and that they had sex a number of times, including in London.

“We were two young men extremely attracted to each other. You could’ve cut the sexual tension with a knife,” he told the tabloid.

In 1982, Thorson filed a $113 million lawsuit against Liberace – who at one time was the highest-paid entertainer in the world – after their relationship ended. They settled out of court in 1986 for $95,000, two cars, and two dogs.

He reconciled with Liberace just before his death in 1987 and went on to write a tell-all book Behind the Candelabra: My Life With Liberace.

A movie version of the book, starring Michael Douglas as Liberace, and Matt Damon as Thorson, is expected to start filming this year.

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