Kayole estate (Source: Citizen TV)

A gay man has been brutally stoned to death by a mob in a slum in Nairobi, Kenya after he and another man were caught having sex.

Identity Kenya reports that the men were food vendors who worked together in the Kayole housing estate, outside Nairobi.

The two had apparently “been enjoying prolonged stares for month and the deceased made the first move”.

On May 27, they met behind the Catholic Church building in the area at 8 p.m. after which they reportedly started having sex in a nearby deserted bushy area, near a dump.

They were, however, discovered and beaten by a passerby. Later a mob formed and began insulting and attacking the men, beating and throwing stones at them.

One managed to crawl away while the other “was held down and beaten and later stoned to death”.

The survivor is said to be seriously injured, with broken arms and internal bleeding, and was taken to hospital.

The deceased man’s body was found at the dump site and was retrieved by police. He was buried a week later.

The incident will only add to local gays and lesbians’ well-founded fear of being exposed to the community.

It was recently reported that incidents of criminals blackmailing gay men in Nairobi is on the rise. The victims are prepared to pay the blackmailers to ensure that they are not outed.

In 2010, residents of Kayole estate claimed that a male serial killer who wore women’s clothing was stalking them at night, stabbing his victims before “drawing their blood”.

Gay sex is illegal in Kenya with penalties including five to 14 years imprisonment.

Last month, Kenya’s National Human Rights Commission urged the government to legalise homosexuality due to LGBTI people suffering “numerous human rights violations on the basis of their sexual behaviour and orientation”.

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