The makers of Oreo cookies in the U.S. have been criticised and applauded for showing support for gay Pride by posting a picture of a rainbow cookie on the brand’s Facebook page.

The image shows a colourful multilayered cookie with the words “June 25” and “Pride” below. Posted along with the picture was the comment “Proudly support love!”

The company noted, “Made with creme colors that do not exist”, suggesting that it is not planning to actually produce rainbow coloured cookies.

The picture was also tweeted on the brand’s official Twitter account, along with the statement “Celebrate your pride for love!”

The picture, which now appears to have been removed from Facebook, became the subject of furious debate.

Examiner.com reported that within two hours, the picture had been liked 103,000 times and shared nearly 20,000 times on Facebook.

Almost 10,000 people commented on it. While many welcomed the company’s stance, others slammed it for “promoting” homosexuality and threatened to boycott the product.

Writing on the Oreo Facebook page, Jake Wampler posted: “Oreos, keep supporting what you want to. Don’t let religious nuts stop you from making this world better. You have a lot more respect from me.”

Donna Walker Bristow, however, wrote: “OREO needs to stay in the cookie business… and stay out of politics. I don’t believe they need to create a rainbow cookie. No, there is not one yet, but it’s already on the gay agenda to have Nabisco create one.”

Oreo cookies are manufactured by Nabisco, which is owned by Kraft Foods.

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