Father Bernard Lynch

A controversial gay Catholic priest has revealed that he’s not celibate and has been married to a man for 14 years.

Father Bernard Lynch, who was cleared of trumped-up charges of child abuse in the late 1980s after his accuser was shown to be lying in court, has made the revelations in a new book.

The London-based Lynch has been involved in LGBT and HIV/AIDS groups and causes for decades and has accused the Church of conspiring to “get rid of him,” including being behind the abuse charges, because of his views.

With his new book, If It Wasn’t Love: Sex, Death and God, the Irish-born priest will no doubt further raise the hackles of the Vatican.

Lynch writes that he lives with and has been married to Billy Desmond for almost a decade and half. He also reveals that he has personally officiated same-sex marriages.

In the book, Lynch says that he believes that more than half of all priests are gay.

In an interview with The Huffington Post’s Michelangelo Signorile, Lynch blamed the epidemic of child abuse in the Church on its demand for celibacy in the priesthood.

“We enter seminary at the young age of 17. It is my belief that we were and are seriously arrested in our own psychosexual emotional development,” said Lynch.

“Most priests, straight or gay, do not have the gift of celibacy. They get twisted in their own psychosexual development. And they end up, most unfortunately, visiting that twistedness on the most vulnerable, which happen to be children,” he explained.

Lynch also told Signorile that he was expelled from his order in November last year and is under threat of suspension from the priesthood.

“There is gross injustice in my church, therefore I feel a duty to stay within and say this is not the way I see it, as Christ would have it. I believe the Gospel is about human and civil rights, for all people,” said Lynch.

According to the Vatican and the Pope, gay sex is an act “of grave depravity” and same-sex marriage is a threat to the future of the human race.

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