Area nightclub in London

Following the death of one gay clubgoer and the hospitalisation of two others in London, police have warned gay men to be ‘extremely careful’. reported that a 25-year-old man collapsed at the Area nightclub in Vauxhall, a part of London popular with clubbers, on early Sunday morning and died shortly after.

Another partygoer also collapsed at the same club and was hospitalised, while a third at Barcode, also in Vauxhall, was taken to hospital after falling ill.

While police have not confirmed that the incidents were due to drug use, the first two men were found with an unidentified white powder.

According to Gay Star News, there was also a report of a man who fell ill in a gay sauna in Soho, central London, possibly due to drug use, but this is believed to be unconnected to the Vauxhall incidents.

“Police urge any recreational drug users to be extremely careful if they are considering using drugs of any sort, in particular at venues in the Vauxhall area,” a police spokesperson said.

The spokesperson called on anyone with information to come forward as “a quick response could help us prevent contaminated drugs circulating further and may save someone’s life”.

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