Miguel Ortiz: Mr. Gay Europe 2012

Nineteen-year-old hunk Miguel Ortiz from Spain is the new Mr. Gay Europe, the third time his country has taken the title.

Ortiz won the title on Saturday in Rome after competing in 11 different challenges, including an interview with the judges, a photo-session, swimwear competition, and a written test.

“Miguel didn’t only wow his fellow contestants, but he also wowed the judges all the way. An early favourite, he didn’t disappoint those who were confident he would win,” said the Mr. Gay Europe organisers.

“Miguel’s win wasn’t all about his looks, he had to prove that he was an all around worthy winner of the title Mr Gay Europe 2012,” they added.

Not afraid to show his emotions, Ortiz shed a few tears when he was handed the sash and the crown to become the 7th Mr. Gay Europe.

Studying to become a policeman, Ortiz says that his hobbies include playing drums, rowing, reading, and watching horror movies.

“There are still many countries and even my own where some citizens are still discriminated and insulted just because of the fact of being gay, lesbian , transgender, or bisexual and that is intolerable,” said Ortiz in his application letter. “I want to fight with all my strength and as a young man trying to contribute in the struggle against homophobia.”

Coenie Kukkuk from South Africa, who represents Africa and the Middle East for the Mr. Gay World competition, attended Saturdays’ event and announced the third place winner, Nicholas Menna from Italy. Second place was taken by Steve Grech from Malta.

Watch a clip of the winners’ announcements below.

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