A car repair business in America has come to the rescue after a broke gay student’s car was vandalised with homophobic slurs, reports the New York Daily News.

Virginia university student Jordan Addison’s car was vandalised no less than four times by anti-gay bullies who slashed his tires, broke his windows and went as far as to key “die fag” into his car doors.

Unable to afford the repairs, the young man was forced to drive the dilapidated car around town for four months, at least until Richard Henegar Jr., the manager of Quality Auto Paint and Body, heard about it.

The company, along with 10 other businesses in the area, decided to repair the 1999 Volkswagen at no cost to the student.

They spent 100 hours and over $10,000 to apply scratch-resistant paint and provide new tires, tinted windows, a stereo, and a security system.

“We don’t take kindly to discrimination of any sort here,” Henegar told the Daily News. “I was bullied in high school and a little bit in the service and I saw an opportunity to help somebody out.”

The overwhelmed student said that he was speechless when he was presented with his restored car. “I just walked around saying, ‘Oh, my God, this is not my car.’”

He said that “it just restored my faith, my good faith, in people,” adding that when he returned to university he’d be parking his car in a gated secure area.

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