John Okafor with interviewer Ema Emerson

One of Nigeria’s biggest film stars has launched a scathing attack against homosexuality in a television interview.

John Okafor, popularly called Mr Ibu, is a top Nollywood actor and comedian who has acted in more than 70 movies.

In an interview for Golden Icons, the 51-year-old entertainer said that the Nigerian film industry was under threat on two fronts; the first being piracy and the other homosexuality.

“I’m sorry if my friends are involved. It is a virus and it is killing our industry,” said Okafor, who then spoke about young children being “groomed” for homosexuality.

When interviewer Ema Emerson suggested that the problem might be paedophilia not homosexuality, Okafor offered a confused and unintelligible response.

“If there is any way in this world that people can help those kids or make them stop it or run away from it, please do it,” Okafor went on to say.

“It is not good for men. God will punish you, because God did not advise you to do it. God designed women and dashed us for free. What are you doing in the toilet?” he ranted.

Emerson seemed a little rattled by Okafor’s bigotry, laughing uncomfortably at his comments.

The actor is known for his humorous roles that, according to Wikipedia, are characterised by “stupidity, hilarious imbecility and a sharp disconnection from reality”.

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