Gay and lesbian Malaysians have responded to a government endorsed “guide” to identifying gay children by launching a campaign to get people to wear V-neck T-shirts.

The guide has been handed out at seminars held to help teachers and parents “spot” gay children in order to stop “the spread of homosexuality”.

One of the so-called signs of homosexuality listed in the publication is when men “like to show their body by wearing V-neck and sleeveless clothing”.

In response, a ‘National Wear V-neck Day’ page has been set up on Facebook, calling for people to wear V-neck T-shirts on October 1st “to show our love for V-necks and to support our friends”.

The campaign aims to spread the message that, “We don’t tolerate bullies and stereotyping. Definitely do not tolerate the fact that our friends are being treated like criminals.”

In the capital, Kuala Lumpur, the Fierce Curry House restaurant has decided to poke fun at the guidelines in its own way.

The restaurant has been giving away free meals to men wearing tight-fitting V-neck T-shirts and carrying sling bags (using “big handbags” is another apparent “sign” of being gay).

“When the guidelines came out, we thought it was ridiculous,” said the restaurant’s owners on Facebook.

Gay rights activist Pang Khee Teik told The Star Online that he welcomed the public outcry against the guidelines.

“I’m glad that Fierce Curry House acknowledges that education, like food, must be made available to everyone,” he said.

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