New political party says gay rights are satanic

Mkhangeli Matomela

Former Eastern Cape education MEC Mkhangeli Matomela, who now heads the Kingdom Governance Movement, says that God will reject the ANC because of its support of LGBT rights, which he says are satanic.

Matomela, a former senior member of the ruling party, launched his new organisation last month in Bisho to a largely church-based audience, claiming the ANC has become a satanic movement.

On Tuesday, he participated in a Daily Dispatch debate with the ANC’s provincial chaplain, the Reverend Andile Mbete, on the subject of “has the ANC lost god” at the Guild Theatre in East London.

According to the Dispatch’s twitter feed, during the discussion Matomela stated that “God will reject you, and South Africa will reject you” if ANC members accept homosexuality.

Mbete responded that “Gays and lesbians are not people who are supposed to be immigrating from somewhere. They are our brothers and sisters.”

Commenting on Matomela’s statement, journalist Mandy De Waal wrote on Twitter: “Matomela’s gay-bashing rant is the kind of hatred that inspires lesbian correctional rape and violence against gay people.”

At his party’s launch last month, Matomela stated: “Even the South African Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches are anti-Christ movements. Even Bishop Desmond Tutu, judging by his recent statements on homosexuals, you could see he has been infiltrated and is now working for Satan.”

In an opinion piece published by the Dispatch on Monday, Matomela argued that the “ANC in government has become the direct opposite of its founding Godly values and principles” and was intent on “making homosexuality an alternative lifestyle”.

He went on to say: “While we do not believe in criminalising something like homosexuality for example, we do not believe it should be treated as righteousness through legislation.”

According to Matomela, the Kingdom Governance Movement is planning to contest the 2014 elections in order to save South Africa from the “global anti-Christ system”.

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