The "offending" picture

The “offending” picture

Despite claiming to be a progressive and gay-friendly company, Facebook has banned yet another innocuous picture simply because it shows two men kissing.

The black and white photo, which was posted on the Have a Gay Day Facebook page, shows a close up of the men as they kiss.

A statement is included below the image that reads: “Did this picture offend you? Did you ever think, maybe your opinion is offensive?”

Ironically, it appears that someone was indeed offended and reported the image.

Facebook agreed and decided that the image violated its “community standards”. This resulted in the picture being removed and Facebook blocking posts by the 106 administrators of the page, which has over half a million likes, for up to 30 days.

“There is currently no way to appeal this decision,” said the Have a Gay Day administrators in a statement.

“We are asking that Facebook wipe this accusation of being against their community standard from our record and restore our power to post on our personal pages and fan pages. This is truly uncalled for.”

They have also called on Facebook to issue an apology as well as “working to make sure this doesn’t occur again”.

Non-explicit images of same-sex intimacy have fallen foul of bigoted or ignorant Facebook moderators numerous times before.

In January, the site apologised for removing a picture of a gay couple in tuxedos standing next to each other at their wedding, also because it was deemed offensive.

Almost a year later Facebook has still not been able to adequately train its staff on what is acceptable, according to its own policies.

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