uganda_gay_men_arrested_in_hotel_roomUganda’s new anti-gay law has no regard for the right to privacy, as tragically experienced by two men arrested for allegedly having sex in a hotel room.

The Crazy Africans website reports that the unidentified men booked accommodation at the establishment in the town of Jinja.

However, when the caretaker started hearing “sexual moans” from their room, “he had no option other than to call the police.”

Under the Anti-Homosexuality Act, enacted by President Museveni last week, any person who knowingly rents a room or any premises that are used for a gay sex act faces five years in jail.

According to the website, when the police burst into the room they allegedly found the men having sex.

They are now in custody and face a harrowing ordeal. If found guilty of having engaged in a homosexual act, they will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

The website included humiliating pictures of the hapless men being arrested. We have obscured their identity in the above photo.

The Spectrum Uganda HIV & LGBT rights group asserted on its Facebook page that the report about the incident “is true.”

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