Principal Pete Cahall comes out to students and staff

The principal of the largest public high school in Washington DC has come out as a gay man to his students and staff.

Speaking at a lunchtime Pride Day event at Wilson High School on Wednesday, Principal Pete Cahall, revealed that he had “hid in the shadows but I am liberated today,” reports The Washington Post.

Cahall was accompanied by Mayor Vincent C. Gray and openly gay council member David Catania.

“I want to say publicly for the first time because of your leadership, care and support that I am a proud gay man who just happens to be the principal of Wilson High School,” Cahall, his hands visibly shaking, told the school.

The coming out announcement was greeted with cheers from the students, many of whom looked surprised at their principal’s words.

Marla Solow, 16, who help organised the Pride event told the Post: “I feel really proud of him, even though obviously he’s an adult. I teared up … if it inspires other people to come out, that’s great.”

“If I was going to be standing in front of these kids today, sating we’re celebrating our Pride and you can be who you are… I would be a hypocrite if I continued to hide,” Cahil told reporters after his announcement.

Mayor Gray congratulated the principal, adding: “There is nothing worse than walking around having to hide who you are.”


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