Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, head of Uganda’s Anglican Church

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, head of Uganda’s Anglican Church

In a disgrace to the Anglican Church, Uganda’s Anglican Archbishop, Stanley Ntagali, has publicly called for a new parliamentary vote on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

The law was struck down last week by the Constitutional Court because there were not enough MPs present when it was passed in December last year.

RNS reports that Ntagali expressed his disappointment at the court ruling and said that the law is still needed to “protect” children and families from the threat of homosexuality, which he stated is imported from the West.

“The ‘court of public opinion’ has clearly indicated its support for the Act, and we urge Parliament to consider voting again on the Bill with the proper quorum in place,” commented Ntagali on Monday.

“I appeal to all God-fearing people and all Ugandans to remain committed to the support against homosexuality,” he urged.

Ntagali’s appalling comments do not come as a surprise. He has been an embarrassment for all sensible Anglicans with his unfailing support for anti-homosexuality laws and for perpetuating dangerous myths about gay and lesbian people.

Despite calls to expel Ntagali, the Church of England has refused to act out of fear this will lead to African branches initiating a long-threatened split from the mother church and the global Anglican Communion.

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