channing_tatum_introduces_the_dick_grazeMagic Mike hunk Channing Tatum has introduced an innovative new form of man-to-man greeting to the world.

He calls it “the dick graze”.

To explain how it’s done, the Hollywood star’s released a hilarious new video in which he raps about the novel and much more intimate replacement for the traditional male handshake or fist bump.

“I get a feeling when I see my homie lean in / That’s because my hand’s about to touch his penis,” Tatum raps.

It’s all in good fun to promote the release of his film 22 Jump Street on iTunes.

The viral video also features the film’s co-star Jillian Bell rapping about the female version, which she dubs “the tit graze”.

We’re all for it. Here’s hoping that the dick graze catches on.

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