Cape Town hate pastor calls 7de Laan lesbian kiss “sick”


Western Cape pastor Oscar Bougardt, who was previously found guilty of anti-LGBT hate speech, has accused the SABC of trying to “brainwash” families to accept homosexuality.

The preacher weighed in on Thursday’s groundbreaking episode of Afrikaans daily soap, 7de Laan, in which two women shared a lesbian kiss.

Writing on Facebook, he called the kiss “sick” and lashed out at the public broadcaster.

“Without warning they broadcast this episode knowing children and families watching this. They have no respect for families values and morals, as long as their stupid soapie is watched by millions even children,” Bougardt said.

He continued: “This is how sick the SABC and the producers have become. I have been warning people about these type of soapies, trying to brainwash entire families with in believing that homosexuality is OK.”

In May, Bougardt was found guilty of making comments that are “discriminatory or incite hatred or harm on the grounds of sexual orientation.” This was in connection with his violating a 2014 court order in which he agreed to stop making anti-LGBTQ hate statements.

The judge ordered Bougardt to draft an apology for his comments. The judge further sentenced the pastor to prison for a period of thirty days, suspended for five years on condition that he does not again violate the court order.

Despite this, he continues to spout hateful comments, with no apparent consequence. His apology has yet to be released by the SA Human Rights Commission.

The show of same-sex affection on 7de Laan was welcomed by some but also met with predictable and offensive homophobic disgust. Many openly expressed their revulsion on social media, commonly describing the scene as “sick”.

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