A Californian cosmetic surgeon claims to have stumbled on a cure for baldness while treating his recovering mother, reports The Telegraph.

Dr Simon Ourian used Botox (Botulinum toxin), which in addition to reducing wrinkles, can also sometimes be used as a headache treatment, on his mother who was recovering from chemotherapy at the time and suffered from migraines.

He injected the Botox into her scalp and was surprised to find that it also stimulated hair growth. He said that he has tested his discovery on both male and female volunteers for three years, adding a mixture of vitamins to make the process more effective.

It is thought that the Botox, which is a relaxant, works by dilating blood vessels around shrunken follicles and thereby stimulating hair growth.

“With my patients these Botox vitamin injections for baldness have been very safe and more effective than anything I have seen before,” Dr Ourian told The Telegraph.

His claims have not yet been independently verified or undergone formal trials.

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