A province in Indonesia is implementing new punishment for homosexuality, including public caning and imprisonment, reports The Jakarta Post.

Those found guilty of engaging in same-sex relations or having premarital sex could face up to 100 strokes with a cane and up to eight years in jail.

Lawmakers in the predominantly Muslim province of Aceh passed the new criminal code, which will also punish adulterers with being stoned to death, on Monday.

In 2003, draconian sharia Islamic law was formally introduced in Aceh, which is a semi-antonymous region of Indonesia, described as a “special territory”.

The national government, however, has responded that it will immediately move to review the law, which takes effect in 30 days, through the Supreme Court.

“The government or the public can voice their objection to the [sharia law]; either may file a review with the Supreme Court should it be considered not right or proper. The government will certainly do so,” Home Minister Mardiyanto told The Jakarta Post.

“Aceh is part of the Indonesia, so it must respect the existing national laws. And, remember, Aceh may not issue bylaws that are detrimental to the Aceh people themselves,” he said.

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