Josh Dixon

A leading young gymnast has come out as gay, hoping to become the first openly-gay American gymnast to compete in the Olympic games.

Outsports reports that Josh Dixon, who came a step closer to qualifying for the U.S. Olympic team on Saturday, has opened up about his personal life.

He revealed that when he first told teammates that he was dating another man, he was met with “Oh that’s cool”. Dixon noted that he has not had a single negative response “in any way, shape or form” towards his sexual orientation since coming out.

The Stanford University graduate said that his sexuality had never been a issue in the past because “gymnastics was my number one priority, and if something got in the way of that I had to push it aside”.

When asked if his coming out could have an impact on his possible selection for the Olympics, he replied: “This would never affect how I’m judged or my position on the U.S. Olympic team.”

Dixton, who is of African American and Japanese heritage, was adopted at birth with his two sisters. He finished second out of 72 competitors at the US Men’s Qualifier in Colorado Springs on the weekend.

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