We caught up with electro dance diva Tamara Dey ahead of her performance – together with the rest of the Flash Republic gang – at the upcoming MCQP mega costume bash in Cape Town. She talked about her love for the gays and kissing girls (and liking it).

Why do you think the gay boys love you so much?

Well I’m a glamorous girl with a big voice who loves fashion and knows how to party. The love is totally mutual!

You’ve always been a big supporter of the gay community. Why is that?

I’m unique and that’s what make me, me. I resonate towards anyone who’s been given a hard time about that.

You probably know a number of closeted gay celebs in SA. Why is it so hard for them to come out do you think?

I can’t answer that question because I can’t know for a second what might be going on in their minds, hearts and lives. We are still a super conservative country and I can only imagine how scary it must be for some to come out. I must say, I feel the whole “coming out” thing is like some cruel rite of passage that seems so archaic. I like to imagine a world where before a child is even born it is long expected that they may love either men or women and no one would ever expect them to make some big announcement about it. I’m an idealist.

How important, do you think, is it that there are more gay/lesbian role models in the public eye?

I think it’s really important that what we see out there is a true reflection of real life. I’m not gay or a lesbian but I’ll certainly take a whack at the job. How about just “good” role models? Ones that remind us that we are all important, invaluable, beautiful and lovable human beings.

Have your boyfriends ever had a problem with the gays in your life?

No, not that I know of. My boyfriends have always gotten along well with my gay friends. I’d never date someone with those kinds of issues.

You’ve have a gay male following, but how are you received by the lesbian community?

I do hope it’s a case of ‘a lot of love goes both ways’…

Do you have close lesbian friends?

I do have lesbian friends and they are gorgeous! Unfortunately, I see them about as much as I see all my other friends, which is sadly not nearly enough.

Have you ever considered crossing over to the dyke side?

One or two women have certainly had me entertaining the thought briefly! But I’m one hundred percent into boys at the end of the day. One in particular to be exact… I’ve been in a serious relationship for over three years.

You told us you kissed a girl and you liked it, but did you ever write a song about her?

No, sadly I haven’t written any songs about girls I’ve kissed. Definitely a missed opportunity. Unfortunately Perry did it first.

Are you still friends with her?

I’m friends with everyone I’ve kissed, bar one or two crazies.

Have you always been open to exploring your sexuality?

Definitely. I believe everything we experience in life is there to shape us, and that the more we experience, the closer we come to understanding who we are and what really moves us.

Have you spoken publicly about your lesbian kiss before?

I certainly have nothing to hide. My sexuality is not what defines me, it’s my character that does. I really don’t see what all the fuss is about.

What do you think makes MCQP such a special event?

The outfits, the imagination, the music and the beautiful people.

What can people expect from your performance at MCQP?

Well I’m not sure what the boys will be wearing but I’ve decided to go dressed as “Little Red Raving Hood” and I’m hoping Cape Town designer Hugo Flear will design my outfit. As far as the music is concerned we’ve got a fabulous Flash Republic club set planned, so we hope you’ll all come down and shake your ass with us!



Bar/Club: The Electric Room – New York

Restaurant: Cafe Paradiso – Cape Town

Holiday Spot: Tzaneen, Debengeni Falls

Pet: I love greyhounds

Food: Steak

City: New York

Fashion Designer: Givenchy

Store: Opening Ceremony

Actor/Actress: Chloe Sevigny

Pop icon: Beth Dito

Form of exercise: Ballet and Bikram

Don’t miss Tamara at the ‘Fairy Tale Fantasy’ edition of MCQP on 15 December at the Cape Town Stadium. Get more info here. Buy tickets at

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