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Gay, bi or straight, guys the world over are often (and probably always have been) obsessed about the size of their manhood. Bruce J. Little looks at getting some perspective on this sometimes big (ahem) issue.

Guys, we need to talk about these stickers all over town advertising miracle cures to make your penis bigger.

The truth is that there is no science or research to back any of these claims up, which means that you may be paying your hard-earned cash for creams, powders or pills that won’t work (and may even be bad for you because nobody knows what it is they are selling you!).

The truth is that most of these products, yes even the ones sold at your local pharmacy, are not going to change the size of your penis. Here are some facts about penis size and remedies that you can use:

1. Size of the issue – First of all, your penis is probably not as small as you think it is. Most guys compare their penis size to that of pornstars, and that is never a good comparison to make. Pornstars are usually abnormally large! If your penis is around 13cm when erect, your penis size is average.

2. What is small? Only if your penis is 7,5cm or less when erect does it constitute the condition known as micropenis, which is abnormally small.

3. To date, there are no known medicines, powders, pills, gels, creams or products that can lengthen the size of a man’s penis. Almost all the products that you see advertised are not backed by science and the medical fraternity and some may even be harmful.

4. The penis is a dynamic organ that needs to be able to move and take different shapes. It is difficult and even detrimental to attempt to manipulate, stretch or force the penis to be longer than it is as it may result in weak erections and permanent scar and tissue damage.

5. Stretching or pulling exercises, also known as ‘jelqing’ has not been proven to make any significant changes to the size of a penis, but it has been linked to pain, scarring and disfigurement as reported by some men who have tried it.

6. Using a weight/s to stretch your penis has also not shown any real positive results (little to no increase in length) and has also been linked with reports of permanent tissue damage by those who have tried it.

7. Vacuum pumps are sometimes used by men to make their penises look larger, but the results are temporary and can also do serious harm to your penis if done for too long or too frequently. Just think of anything that is stretched to breaking point.

8. Surgery is an option, but it is expensive, and the results are mixed because sometimes the surgery affects the structure of the penis and can make erections painful or having sex more difficult to manage.

9. Some doctors can inject your penis with fat to make it look thicker, but this is also not always effective because the body often reabsorbs the fat and sometimes the procedure also cause the penis to curve or become misshaped.

If you think your penis is abnormally small, chat to your doctor about it. You will probably find that it’s no big deal (excuse the terrible pun).

Some guys are “size-queens” who insist on only dating men who have large penises, but these superficial men would probably not prove themselves to be very good partners in the long-term, anyway. Don’t be ashamed of what you have going for you, chat with your lover and together you can find creative and exciting ways to make sure you both get what you want.

Some sex shops do sell gadgets and “elongators” that can be attached to the penis if your partner would prefer the sensation of a more substantial penis. Remember, communication is the key to any healthy and happy relationship, even if it’s just a sexual one.

Bruce J. Little is the Content Creator for Anova Health Institute. For more, visit

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