Group appeals for funds to feed LGBTQ refugees in Kenya camp


Kakuma Pride (Facebook)

The group that held the world’s first LGBTQ Pride in a refugee camp is appealing to the public to donate to its livelihood projects aimed at helping LGBTQ refugees in the camp.

Refugee Flag Kakuma organised the Pride event in Kakuma, Kenya, site of the world’s third largest refugee camp, on June 16. Around 200 people took part but later faced violence and death threats.

“Refugee Flag Kakuma is trying to help LGBTIQ+ refugees to be empowered economically for a better self-sustainable reliance in the harsh homophobic environment full of economic distress, prejudice and discrimination in all aspects of life,” Moses Mbazira, the organisation’s executive director said in an interview with Mambaonline.

Mbazira explained that the initiatives are focused on investing in home-based projects to avoid threats or homophobic attacks on the LGBTQI+ community. The organisation is looking for funding for its poultry, arts and craft works, bakery and catering projects that were launched in April 2017. “They started with a very low income from online donations and well wishers,” Mbaria said.

On why these initiatives were started, Mbazira said that sexual orientation and gender discrimination against LGBTQI+ people in Kenya’s largest refugee camp has made it difficult for them to find jobs and to meet their basic needs. The initiatives also seek to feed the most vulnerable, like those living with HIV/Aids and who are on medication.

The organisation said it needs U$3,500 (about R46,000) for its poultry investment and to set up a good chicken shelter. The bakery and the arts and craft work projects each need U$250 (about R3,000).

Refugee Flag Kakuma is appealing to anyone who can make donations to these initiatives to do so on their GoFundMe account. So far, the organisation has managed to raise U$180.

More information can also be found on the group’s Facebook Page.

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