RuPaul’s Drag Race superstar, BeBe Zahara, to return to Cameroon?


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International drag superstar, BeBe Zahara Benet, has announced that she might be returning to her homeland of Cameroon soon.

Speaking to GayStarNews, BeBe said that she had always wanted to travel back to her home country as she still has family there. “But hopefully this holiday coming up, I’m going to go. I of course have family and friends there, that’s where I’m from. I want to go and take some time to really take it all in,” she said.

The drag superstar was born in Cameroon but later relocated to the United States with her family. The 2009 Rupaul’s Drag Race winner said she was more anxious than nervous to return back to Cameroon.

“When you talk about nerves, I don’t think it’s nerves. It’s a little bit of anxiety because there’s a lot happening. I don’t know if you know, there’s a lot happening politically in Cameroon.”

She also said that one of her main priorities is to try spend as much quality time with her family, as opposed to attracting public attention due to her high profile status.

“It’s not as stable politically as I’d want it to be. With that, it’s a matter of not placing myself in situations where it’s dangerous or unfortunate. I’m praying for my country,” she added.

Cameroon’s penal code bans homosexuality and same-sex activity, with convicted individuals facing up to five years in prison. Earlier this year, a group of young individuals were arrested by state police at a gay-friendly bar in the capital of Yaounde.

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