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Advertorial: Skin dehydration and sun damage: It’s not fair! The holidays were too short and here we are, back at work again and it’s still a beautiful summer
Advertorial: Why you should sleep away this festive season: There are few things worse than being unable to fall asleep, especially if your partner
ADVERTORIAL: DOUBLE TROUBLE CHIN!: As Churchill grew older, so did his multiple chins – along with the expansion of his waist. Although it’s rather funny
GROOMING: DEALING WITH SPIDER & VARICOSE VEINS: We all have our little obsessions about certain areas of our anatomy that don’t quite conform to
ADVERTORIAL: ANTI-AGEING LASER TREATMENT: I absolutely love getting into a lift (or any intimate confined space) when a great-smelling, well dressed metro-male
ADVERTORIAL: A HEALTHY HEART: I hope that over the past festive season your heart rate only went up because of excitement and anticipation – and not because
ADVERTORIAL: RESHAPE YOUR BODY: I’m sure, that like me, you thought you would never look older nor have extra bits that don’t quite fit onto the perfect human shape.
ADVERTORIAL: PERFECTION NOT COMMON: I love a man with beautiful skin. You know what I’m talking about; a smooth, evenly coloured skin that looks freshly shaven
ADVERTORIAL: THE SMOOTH ADONIS LOOK: When last have you seen a gorgeous male model – advertising some fancy watch, cologne or anything else desirable
ADVERTORIAL: GET READY FOR YOUR RED CARPET: Just imagine how terrified those world famous actors must be when they walk down the red carpet at a glittering awards ceremony. They know that their every flaw will be caught on camera.