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Review: Madame Zingara presents The Celebration: You know, without us gay boys this world we live in would just be rather dull and boring. Totally meh and
THEATRE REVIEW: ONE ARM: I’ll never forget my introduction to the wonderful words and works of Tennessee Williams. It was in the early 90s and it happened late 
TENNESSEE WILLIAMS’ HOMOEROTIC ‘ONE ARM’ TO BE STAGED IN CAPE TOWN: Award-winning theatre production company Abrahamse & Meyer
ROCKY HORROR SCORES 3 FLEUR DU CAP AWARDS: The new hit revival of The Rocky Horror Show scored three acting prizes at the 49th annual Fleur du Cap Theatre 
CT LGBTI ACTIVIST RECEIVES HIGH FRENCH HONOUR: Ndumie Funda, the well-known Cape Town-based activist and founder of the Luleki Sizwe NGO, was last week
GAYS SHINE IN FLEUR DE CAP NOMINATIONS: Facebook was very busy with congratulatory postings from, for and among SA’s theatre fraternity when the nominees