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US Christian right has taken aim at LGBTIQ+ rights, sex education and abortion in Africa – new book: A new book reveals the role played by right wing US Christian groups in spreading their anti-LGBTIQ+ influence in African countries.
South African radical-Right groups are mobilising against LGBTIQ+ campaigns: Some conservative groups are trying to block a long-awaited Hate Crimes Bill, which has been urgently called for by LGBTIQ+ communities
America’s right is lobbying against South Africa’s sex education syllabus: Conservative “pro-family” advocacy groups with US ties are targeting increasingly inclusive sex education lesson plans being developed by the South African education department as part of the life orientation curriculum.
Kewpie: understanding what it meant to be queer in District Six under apartheid: An exhibition about Kewpie, the late drag artist and hairdresser from Cape Town’s District Six, is also a window into the lives of the area's queer community during the apartheid era.