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Harsh prison terms won’t solve the crisis of gender-based violence: The certainty of arrest and prosecution, not long sentences, is what will deter gender-based violence, writes Edwin Cameron.
Edwin Cameron World AIDS Day Message 2019: Every year, now-retired Constitutional Court Justice Edwin Cameron pens a World AIDs Day message, published by Exit - SA's longest-running LGBTQ publication - and shared by MambaOnline.
Edwin Cameron: 2018 World AIDS Day Message: In his 2018 World AIDs Day message, Constitutional Court Justice Edwin Cameron focuses on the deadly impact of stigma and silence on those living with HIV.
Justice Edwin Cameron | We must fight stigma: This year we mark the world’s thirtieth World AIDS Day. From 1 December 1988, every year, the world has observed
Edwin Cameron 2016 World AIDS Day message: Stigma is the enemy: With four short words, we can sum up all the wisdom we need to deal with HIV and AIDS
Justice Edwin Cameron: African LGBTIQs are standing up: In April 2008, the body of 31-year old Eudy Simelane, a soccer player on South Africa’s national
EDWIN CAMERON: THE SEXUAL MINORITY OF AFRICA MUST BE HEARD: A destructive wave of hatred against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender persons
MANDELA: A HERO FOR ALL OF US: As the world celebrates Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday while he remains hospitalised, Constitutional Court Justice Edwin Cameron writes for about the iconic leader’s role in South Africa’s struggle for LGBTI equality.
EDWIN CAMERON: WORLD AIDS DAY 2011: Justice Edwin Cameron, the inspiring, openly-gay Justice of South Africa's highest court, the Constitutional Court, writes frankly about HIV and how it’s affected his life.