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Majola Ganymede | Words became my weapons: Openly gay South African singer Majola Ganymede looks back at the controversy he sparked when he slated the Feather Awards back in 2014.
Opinion: Did Theo’s gay rumours hit too close to home?: At the beginning of this week I came across a news article reporting that Afro Pop star
The vicious silence of our loved ones: Throughout history, humanity has perfected the skill of oppressing certain demographics of his/her fellow human.
Opinion: The injury of tolerance: I recently had a conversation about acceptance versus tolerance. It was in relation to the often difficult task of self-acceptance
Love is a fixed mark: It’s the month of love, which climaxes, of course, with Valentine’s Day – a day when people around the world celebrate romantic love.
Living in this lonely cage: Who among us dwells within a lonely cage? Who has the courage to recognise this fact – often dismissed as too sad to acknowledge? Something