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South Africa LGBTIQ+ Rights Watch: October 2023: An overview of LGBTIQ+ rights violations, hate speech incidents and case updates in South Africa in October 2023, collated by OUT and Mamba.
Ghanaian Cardinal: Homosexuality is not a crime: Cardinal Peter Turkson from Ghana, said to be a potential candidate for the first African Pope in centuries, has spoken out on homosexuality.
Ghana: US embassy warns LGBTQI+ travellers.: The United States embassy in Ghana has warned LGBTQI+ travellers to the country that they face an increased risk of violence and arrest.
Escalating LGBTIQ+ abuses heighten concerns in Uganda: Queerphobic violence against the LGBTIQ+ community in Uganda is on the rise, accentuated by the spread of abuse videos on social media.
Equality Court refuses to rule on LGBTIQ+ asylum discrimination: The Equality Court in Pretoria has refused to address discrimination against an LGBTIQ+ asylum seeker by the Department of Home Affairs.
LGBTIQ+ activists face alleged Grindr Gang supporters in court: Activists say they've been confronted in court by alleged members of the Grindr Gang who were supporting men accused of kidnapping a student.
Tanzania: Court backs homophobic arrest of human rights lawyers: The High Court of Tanzania has upheld the arrest of three human rights lawyers after they were accused of "promoting homosexuality."
Grindr Gang victim released after traumatic 5-day ordeal: A 22-year-old Joburg man, who endured a harrowing five-day ordeal after being kidnapped by Grindr Gang criminals, has been released.
Weekend of terror: Fears for new Grindr Gang victim: Gauteng activists are scrambling to help a missing young man said to have been kidnapped and tortured for R50,000 ransom by Grindr Gang criminals.
Glamour meets activism at the 2023 Feather Awards: The 15th annual Feather Awards brought a unique fusion of glamour, activism, and entertainment to The Market Theatre in Johannesburg.