Grindr has met with survivors of the ongoing brutal attacks by a Grindr Gang syndicate targeting LGBTIQ+ South Africans to hear their stories.
While downplaying discrimination against a trans learner, the Limpopo Education Department commits to safer schools for LGBTQI+ learners.
A controversy has erupted in Namibia after the alleged rape of a teenager by a politician was weaponised against the LGBTIQ+ community.
The 2024 Joburg Film Festival features a lineup of over 60 titles from local and international filmmakers, including several queer films.
Wits LGBTIQ+ student group filles a complaint with the SA Human Rights Commission against a residence for discriminating against a trans student.
Another incident has come to light concerning the mistreatment of an LGBTIQ+ learner who’s been bullied and denied the right to education.
Zimbabwean researcher Saymore Masaisai responds to the recent shocking statement by the Vice President of Zimbabwe condemning an LGBTIQ+ scholarship.
A striking street mural by South African artist Elléna Lourens has been unveiled in Cape Town during the annual Cape Town Pride festival.
While the fight for inclusivity in religious institutions is key, it’s crucial to recognise that true belonging and grace resides within us.
In a blow to the Caribbean LGBTIQ+ community, the High Court in St Vincent and the Grenadines rejects a bid to legalise same-sex intimacy.
The government of Zimbabwe has launched a scathing attack, labelling LGBTIQ+ individuals deviants who should be denied education.
Tiaan Kleinhans, an NWU alumnus and LGBTQI+ Christian, takes on law student and religious bigot Shaun Christie’s misinformation and claims.
Greece has become the 21st European and first Christian Orthodox nation to legalize same-sex marriage, as well as allowing same-sex couples to adopt.
The British government is being urged to bar Anita Among, the notoriously queerphobic Ugandan Speaker of Parliament from entering the UK.
The family of Leo Govender, a 38-year-old man from Durban, is in mourning after the search for the missing man ends in tragedy.
An overview of LGBTIQ+ rights violations, hate speech incidents and case updates in South Africa in January 2024, collated by OUT and Mamba.
Friends, family, and community members gathered in Delft, Cape Town, last week to honour 21-year-old LGBTIQA+ hate crime victim Diego Jacobs.
Relationships among gay and bi men are as diverse as the individuals involved. Here are some of the many types of connections guys can have.
The Assistant High Commissioner for Protection at the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) recently met with LGBTQI+ asylum seekers in South Africa.
Religious homophobes are backing a Christian law student who was suspended for disrupting a student orientation talk on LGBTQIA+ inclusion.
Wits students joined LGBTIQ+ activists at the court hearing on Monday of seven men accused of the attack of a student lured through Grindr.
A court run by the Houthi group in Yemen has reportedly sentenced 13 individuals to be executed in public on charges of homosexuality.
Caster Semenya says her case in the European Court of Human Rights is for all athletes discriminated against by unfair gender restrictions.
Activists say the brutal murder of 21-year-old Diego Jacobs in Cape Town underscores the need to enact the Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill.
Enrique Grobbelaar was once adamant about not wanting children. Today he’s a loving gay dad and part of a growing number of rainbow families.
Pope Francis criticises those who oppose the Vatican’s decision to allow priests to bless Catholics in same-sex relationships as hypocrites.
As Cape Town prepares to commemorate Pride, tragic news has emerged of the suspected hate crime murder of 21-year-old Diego Jacobs.
Cape Town Pride has announced details of this year’s 3-week-long Pride Festival which runs from 8 February to 3 March 2024.
Three people in Russia have been prosecuted for displaying rainbow symbols in the country’s latest crackdown on the LGBT+ community.
As South Africa gears up for the upcoming elections, a new guide sheds light on the leading political parties’ position on LGBTIQA+ rights.

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