Uganda Archive

33 transgender people arrested in Uganda: A group of transgender activists who were taking part in a training workshop in Uganda were arrested on Tuesday.
Is Uganda’s anti-gay law about to return?: There are fresh reports that Uganda's reviled 2014 anti-gay law will be reintroduced into the country's parliament.
SA journalist Lerato Mogoatlhe on challenging homophobia in new travel memoir: Lerato Mogoatlhe has written a remarkable memoir of her five years of travelling across Africa, including her experiences in confronting homophobia in Uganda.
Uganda’s chief homophobe tries to ban music festival over LGBTQ panic: Uganda's crackpot homophobic Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Simon Lokodo, has attempted to ban an international music festival because it would "promote homosexuality".
President Museveni says West ‘imposing’ homosexuality on Uganda: Uganda's President Museveni has been awarded a global peace prize, taking the opportunity to repeat tired and baseless claims that Western countries are forcing homosexuality onto Africans.
Shock as top Ugandan LGBTI activist renounces her lesbianism: Val Kalende, a well-known Ugandan LGBTI activist, has shocked her colleagues around the world by announcing that she is "no longer" a lesbian.
The world’s first refugee camp LGBTIQ pride parade in Kenya: What’s believed to be the world’s first LGBTIQ pride parade held in