Greyvensteyn and van Schalkwyk have brought together the cuisines of Italy, Thailand, France, Greece, Mexico and India in a tasty new Afrikaans cookbook.

Presto is the Italian musical term for “fast tempo”, and the book promises to offer these international culinary delights quickly and easily.

Recipes from interesting and exotic parts of the world are simplified down to just a few characteristic ingredients, and all-time South African favourites are given an international flair. Greyvensteyn and van Schalkwyk want to show that cooking doesn’t have to be intimidating. On the contrary it’s exciting and surprisingly easy to do.

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to bring the book’s creations to life. Presto is based on a number of guidelines and fundamental principles:


The simpler the better as far as recipes are concerned, Presto provides dishes with few ingredients and uncomplicated recipes. But this doesn’t mean that the final result won’t be visually and gastronomically appealing!


Become a cook of international stature without having to travel across the globe to buy your ingredients. All of the foodstuffs mentioned in the book are available at your local supermarket.


The recipes themselves are simple and easy to make, but this doesn’t mean that they look simple when presented. Your guests will certainly be impressed by your ability to serve world-renowned international dishes.


Time is money in today’s world, and while you want to make an impression on your guests there’ simply isn’t time to stand in the kitchen. But most of the recipes in Presto take just half to three quarters of an hour to prepare. There are a number of exceptions of course, such as the French beef stew that can only be French beef stew if it sits in the oven for hours!


Presto contains recipes from different parts of the world, allowing you to sample the latest in international cuisine. Favourite South African ingredients are thrown into the mix and given an all-new international spin. And a Thai feast is easier to prepare than you thought!


This book’s authors want to prove just how much fun it is to cook. It doesn’t have to be a burden or a chore when you can create these recipes with ease and enjoyment. As the Eastern saying goes, whenever you eat something you have never eaten before you prolong your life by 70 days. Don’t forget to remind your guests of this principle every time you serve them something new!

Presto is currently available in Afrikaans at bookstores nationwide for a retail price of R89,95. Full-colour pictures offer you a “taste” of what your final product will look like when you’re done. If you can’t find the book in stores, you can order directly from Lapa Publishers at R71.95 Tel: 012 401 0700.

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