Nigeria’s harsh and homophobic Islamic Sharia law is once again in the spotlight after a man was sentenced to death by stoning after he admitted to being gay.

According to a UN report, the 50 year old man was acquitted after a short trial in the North of Nigeria for sodomy, which is considered a serious crime punishable by death.

However, he was afterwards directly asked by the judge if he had previously had sex with men. After admitting that he had, the judge then found him guilty on new charges of sodomy and imposed the penalty of being stoned to death.

A United Nations human rights expert, Philip Alston, has called for the Nigerian government to review the sentence, describing it as “wholly disproportionate.”

Another man is awaiting trial for sodomy in Nigeria, while a number of other men accused of being gay have fled the country, one of which has been granted asylum in the United States.

Ten women have also been the victims of Sharia law after being sentenced to death by stoning for having sex outside of marriage. To date, these sentences have been overturned.

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