The world is agog at new paparazzi pictures of self-confessed nanny-shagger Jude Law in the buff, which have left many fans of the sex symbol disappointed.

The images of the beleaguered star, regularly touted as one of the sexiest men in the world, are doing the rounds on the Internet. Law has recently been in the headlines because of his public apology, about an affair with his children’s nanny, to his fiancé actress Sienna Miller.

The pictures, which are being shopped to the tabloids, show Mr Law getting changed outside his mother Maggie Law’s house in Vaudelnay, France. The size of his manhood has now become fresh fodder for bloggers, fans and columnists alike, with one publicist stating, “He’s no Tommy Lee, that’s for sure.”

It just goes to show; you may be rich and beautiful, but still not have it all.

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