Jamaican students at the University of the West Indies have rioted after police protected a gay man from attempts by the mob to kill him.

According to The Daily Gleaner, the fracas came about when a student chased a man – who he claimed had propositioned him in the bathroom – across campus. Dozens of other students joined the mob as the man took refuge in a university building. Campus security, concerned that the man’s life was in danger, refused to hand him over crowd and called the police to assist.

After the authorities arrived, the situation became violent as police in riot gear battled with students who threw various items at the officers. The ‘gay’ man was reportedly stabbed by another student in the chaos, but was not seriously injured. Reports say the crowd only dispersed when police fired into the air.

The victim was taken to a police station where the claims that he propositioned another man are being investigated by the authorities. Homosexuality is illegal in Jamaica (punishable with up to 10 years in jail).

Jamaica has developed a reputation as an increasingly dangerous country for LGBTI people with various incidents of violence and murder against gays and lesbians recently reported.

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