For almost a decade the girls from Mince have reigned supreme as the ultimate drag offering in South Africa. Now it looks like Deon Bisschoff may take the throne with his slick and highly entertaining show “VERAcity” Tour de Femme II, currently on every Sunday night at Cruz.

To say Bisschoff is good is an understatement. He’s respected as a choreographer (Naked Boys Singing, Soul’d Out) and his years in the theater industry place his show above other local acts. He doesn’t insult the audience by serving up some tired old number whilst trying to look glamorous. It is clear here what sets a drag artist apart from the rabble.

VERAcity is the full package. Never tacky or dull, it runs for little over an hour at such a breakneck pace that one is mesmerized by the splendour of it all. And THAT is quite an achievement for a one-man show. But then again, it’s not really a one-man effort. Bisschoff has two young male dancers – Devon Marshbank and Stephen Jubber – who back him up with polished routines. Backing dancers to Bisschoff’s drag persona, they are stars of the show in their own right, commanding attention with their attractive bodies, charming cheekiness and polar opposite personalities.

Naturally, they also help bridge the gaps during costume changes, not that those are very long mind you! Bisschoff has a secret helper backstage, by the name of Donovan, who ensures that the lightning fast costume changes – some as quick as 10 seconds – happen without a hitch.

Bisschoff combines a delectable mix of diva classics, new spins on old favourites and some delightful banter. At the halfway mark he demonstrates ramp modeling through the decades from the 1960s to the present day with hilarious results.

Bisschoff is a consummate performer – a true artist. There are very few numbers where he relies purely on a glittering frock and a well loved dramatic number. For the most part each scene is packed with visual gags, hilarious facial expressions and superb comic timing. He has raised the bar and explored techniques of drag that are not often seen locally. And then there is the added value of well choreographed and danced numbers and of course the larger than life costumes.

The Cruz venue is an intimate and relaxed venue in which to enjoy this show. The staging is highly professional, with sound and lighting being of a high quality.

Within minutes of starting the show, Bisschoff has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. By the second number the applause is spontaneous and generous. By the end you’ll be screaming for more. An evening in the company of this spectacular talent is simply pure joy. Seating is limited so phone and book now to avoid being disappointed at the door.

Price: R50

Day: Sundays until the end of October (may be extended if demand continues)
Time: 9pm

Venue: Cruz

Bookings: Phone (021) 425-4010

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