He’s been cheekily called “a black woman trapped inside a white man’s body” and it’s this innate passion for dance that has Clinton Shalkoff dancing his way to the 2006 World Hip-Hop Championships in Germany.

The openly gay Shalkoff, well known on the Joburg scene, recently walked off with first place in both the Hip Hop solo and the Hip Hop duo sections of the Battle of the Giants competition at the Sun City Superbowl.

After gaining enough points from all the competitions he’s been in, Shalkoff has automatically been entered into the World Hip-Hop Championships where he will be able to compete for the sought-after world title at the end of September.

The only thing standing in this dynamo-dancer’s way is the funds to get him to Germany for the competition.

“I dance because I love it; that’s what gives me the passion and drive to dance as well as I do”, he says. Those who have seen him dance wouldn’t argue that his chances of attaining the World Champion title and bringing a trophy back to South Africa are high.

In order to get him to Germany, Clinton needs R20 000 and would appreciate any help that is offered.

If you are able to help or would like to find out more about the World Hip-Hop Championships, contact Clinton at

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