According to the Beeld Newspaper Camp David, a gay nude bar in Pretoria, was raided on Tuesday by police, who are also investigating numerous adult DVDs which were confiscated at the bar. The police say that they are looking for child pornography.

Danie, one of the bar’s owners described the raid as routine; “they came looking for drugs and they couldn’t find anything.”

He confirmed that adult DVDs had been taken by the police, but strongly denied that any of the DVDs actually included child pornography.

“They have to go through them to check, but I expect to get them [the DVDs] back tomorrow”, says Danie, who added that the bar is operating at normal. He says that the raid probably came about after a disgruntled patron who was thrown out by management went to the police in order to cause mischief.

A police spokesperson was quoted as saying that “We shall look into whether they are allowed to operate as they are doing.”

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