He’s single boys!

The rather delicious Ryan Reynolds, who recently broke up with girlfriend and fiancé of four years Alanis Morissette, was spotted this week in Australia for the premier of his new film, Smokin’ Aces. We thought we’d remind Alanis just what she’ll no longer have at her side with this photo of Ryan in all his buff glory (we’re cruel aren’t we?) from the set of The Amityville Horror. There’s no word on why the two have gone their separate ways.

Kylie soldiers on

Another break-up survivor soldiers on. Following her split with boyfriend Olivier Martinez (who’s been accused of cheating on her with Penélope Cruz – although the couple’s people have denied the allegations) Kylie Minogue made her first public appearance this week for the opening of ‘Kylie – The Exhibition’ at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The exhibition, which has put the noses of museum snobs out-of-joint, celebrates the style icon’s costumes (including her infamous gold hot pants), music videos, photos and music spanning Kylie’s career. The singer put on a brave face and looked radiant and confident in a flowing purple frock. The exhibition runs until June 10 so, if you’re in London, give it a squiz.

Another reality star behind Lance/Reichen split?

The early-year break-up dramas just don’t stop. It seems that reality star Reichen Lehmkuhl and singer Lance Bass’s ‘divorce’ may have had something to do with another reality TV celeb. The gorgeous couple recently broke up following reports of Reichen’s infidelity. Now, Davis Mallory, who appeared in The Real World: Denver, has confessed that he was behind the split. He told Life & Style that “I honestly can’t believe this has escalated to the point where they split up”. Word is Lance read about Davis and Reichen’s foursome escapades in an Atlanta hotel room on the internet and ended the relationship.

The lawsuit girls

It’s tough being a blonde celeb in Hollywood. Our very own Charlize Theron is being sued by Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil who say that the actress has reneged on a contract. They claim that although, according to their endorsement deal, Charlize was obligated to solely wear their watches between October and December 2006, she was photographed wearing a Dior watch at the time. While court papers don’t reveal how much Charlize is being sued for, the company says that they spent over $20 million on the advertising campaign based on the contract. Ouch. Anna Nicole Smith may also be appearing in the court-house again. She’s being sued – this time in a class-action lawsuit which claims that the weight-loss pills that she has been endorsing and acting as a spokesperson for are duds. The suit, which has also been filed against the pill-makers TrimSpa, demands unspecified damages for falsely claiming that the product can lead to substantial weight-loss.

UPDATE: Shortly after publishing this, Anna Nicole Smith died in a Florida hospital from unknown causes after being discovered unconscious in a hotel room on Thursday. She was 39 years old and leaves behind Dannielynn, her infant daughter of five months. Mambaonline sends its condolences to her friends and surviving family.

Madonna and Prince Harry bond

Bizarre hook-up of the week: Madonna, along with hubby Guy Ritchie spent an evening having dinner with Britain’s Prince Harry at Mahiki Club in swanky Mayfair in London. According to reports, the trio discussed the superstar’s recent adoption of a Malawian baby as well as Harry’s own experiences in Africa with poverty-stricken orphans. Sources say that the group ironically indulged in £100-a-glass champagne Treasure Chest cocktails. Talk about royalty!

More Britney dirt

We’re not quite sure why we’re still interested, but Britney Spears continues to make headlines with her antics. The bloated former superstar has been in New York for Fashion Week, but hasn’t actually been attending many shows. She was spotted on Tuesday dancing behind the DJ to Madonna’s Vogue (complete with Vogue moves) at the Marquee nightclub. Meanwhile, there have been reports by In Touch Weekly gossip rag about Britney’s alleged bisexual tendencies (these rumours have been circulating for some time). According to the magazine, the pop singer is into threesome and girls.
Britney’s record label Jive, has since released a statement, saying, “It is not true.” There are also reports doing the rounds that Brits is desperate to get back together with her ex Justin Timberlake now that they’re both single. Yes, her short-lived affair with model-actor Isaac Cohen has ended. OK! magazine claims that a friends of Isaac’s revealed that the relationship was “…a bit too much for him. There was a lot of drama – it was too much of a whirlwind. It wasn’t one thing in particular. He likes her. They had a good time together. He was doing his best to help her out – but there is only so much one person can do.”

Michael Jackson plans his return

Disgraced pop-star Michael Jackson is in Las Vegas – to where he recently relocated – planning a comeback. Apparently, his return to the music world is being masterminded by none other than producer-manager and deal-maker, Simon Fuller, who is behind American Idol and David Beckham’s lucrative move to LA. In an interview with Robin Leach, Michael said that “I’m doing fine and am well and really enjoying myself in Vegas. It’s a great place to call home.” A team is being assembled to make the come-back a reality and new album is being worked on. Humph…We’ll believe it when we see (hear) it…

Kevin Federline shock portrait

Although everyone though that Kevin Federline would disappear from the radar after he was tossed out on the street by Britney Spears, he’s managed to somehow remain a steady item in the tabloids and blogs. Images have just been released of a shocking portrait of Kevin by world-famous celeb photographer Steven Klein showing the wannabe rap star with his throat slit. It’s part of an exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery, who originally were not eager to show the controversial image. “It’s like a classical painting. The slash, the make-up, is a mask that reveals who the person is. For me, the break in the skin shows that all portraits are lies. To see through the skin is to see someone’s reality,” says Klein. Uhh… right. We actually think it’s a insightful comment on the way popular culture eats up and spits out celebs for our daily entertainment.

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