Matthew McConaughey keeps on surfing

Seemingly unaware of the irreparable damage that this may be causing us, Matthew McConaughey continues to be photographed surfing the waves on a daily basis. Looking more buff than ever, the absolutely gorgeous 37 year old actor is in Australia working on a movie. It’s said that he has also been cast in a film called Surfer Dude, which might explain why he’s getting in so much practice. Regardless of the reason, we can do little other than ogle and say “wow”!

Djimon Hounsou to be Calvin Klein’s new underwear model

And speaking of tasty men, twice Oscar-nominated actor Djimon Hounsou is set to be Calvin Klein’s new underwear model for the designer’s fall collection. Hounsou, who became a star after appearing in Spielberg’s Amistad was most recently seen in Blood Diamonds. The hunky African born actor (he’s from Benin) follows in the footsteps of other esteemed beautiful men including soccer star Freddie Ljungberg and actor Mark Wahlberg. The international print and outdoor campaign promoting a new range – Calvin Klein Steel – is set to appear in over 20 countries in September. Bob Mazzoli, chief creative officer of Calvin Klein Underwear said that, “We are energized by the prospect of working with a talent such as Djimon Hounsou.”

Mark Wahlberg has “gay issues”

Recently Oscar-nominated actor (for The Departed) – and former underwear model – Mark Wahlberg – has admitted that he’s actually “creeped out” out by man-on-man intimacy. Mark has confessed that at one point he and Joaquin Phoenix were considered for the leads in Brokeback Mountain, but he’s actually happy he didn’t get the role as the two actors were not comfortable with getting it on. “I read 15 pages of the script and got a little creeped out. It was very graphic, descriptive – the spitting on the hand, getting ready to do the thing.” he said. He’s also admitted that he hasn’t yet seen the film, saying that “I didn’t rush to see Brokeback, it’s just not my deal… Obviously, it was done in taste – look how it was received.” Who knows, if Mark had gone for the role, he might have overcome his prejudices and actually won an Oscar…

So where is Daniel’s Potter?

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe’s turn on the West End in the psychological thriller Equus has earned him rave reviews for his nude performance. In fact, The Daily Telegraph wrote that, “He is a thrilling stage actor of unexpected range and depth.” The show is also a hit – having already sold over £2-million worth of tickets. But many are asking where the nudie photos are. In a world in which a celeb picking his nose can be photographed kilometres away, and the picture published on the Internet in minutes, it seems downright bizarre that no sneaky audience member has snapped a genuine on-stage photo of Daniel in all his glory. (There are, of course, already a few extremely well-crafted fakes doing the rounds.) Strictly speaking Daniel is under-age, but that’s rarely stopped celebrity-crazed blogs and tabloids from breaking the law before.

Paris the rocket scientist in trouble again

It seems to have eluded heiress Paris Hilton that when you have your license suspended, it actually means that you are not allowed to drive. She learnt this fascinating fact recently when she was pulled over by traffic police in West Hollywood after driving to a Virgin Megastore to buy some DVDs. She was spotted driving without her headlights, and when officers stopped her they discovered that her license was suspended. The result; her $200 000 Bentley Continental was impounded by the authorities. Paris’ license was suspended when she pled guilty to driving under the influence last month. It seems that the poor dear really does have a general problem with the simpler things in life (like paying her storage fees on time).

Naomi Campbell’s shame

Superstar model and tantrum thrower heavyweight Naomi Campbell has admitted that she is deeply shameful about her abuse of the hired help. In an interview with TV show Extra, the ebony beauty said that, “I felt very remorseful for having thrown the phone at someone that didn’t deserve it… I have a deep sense of shame for the things I’ve done.” Naomi threw her toys out the cot after her maid – Ana Scolavino – couldn’t find a pair of jeans, striking her on the head with a cell phone. The 25 year old celebrity said that “tiredness, lack of sleep (and) just so many things,” were behind the tantrum. Naomi pled guilty to misdemeanour assault last month over the incident. But she’s made changes and is becoming a much better person: she told extra that “I do therapy every day,” and that her crystals are also helping – “I think they bring great energy. … You should see how many I travel with”. Bless!

Boy George loses his luggage

Boy George has also been spotted in Australia. According to Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, the singer-DJ flew in to Brisbane for a new club’s launch party where he was to spin records for the crowd. Problem is, the airline had left his records behind when he boarded his flight in from New Zealand. Overheard exclaiming loudly, “You’ve got to be joking!”, when told the news, Boy Gorge had no option other than to run off to a local record shop and stock up on music for the gig.

Madonna the belle of the Oscars

She may not have made it to the actual Oscar red carpet, but Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie attended the much anticipated annual Vanity Fair post-Oscar Party in Los Angeles. And boy, did she look fine. The close to 50 year old singer was wearing a black frock and looking suspiciously “refreshed” when she arrived. In other Madonna news there is increasing buzz about her Madgesty working with superstar hip-hop producer Timbaland on her next album. The man himself was quoted as saying, “I haven’t gone into the studio yet with Madonna. I need to call someone now to talk about that further,” giving some credence to the rumours.

The money-conscious lesbian!

Another celeb has come out the closet! Suze Orman, the financial guru who’s previously visited South Africa and was a regular guest on Oprah Winfrey’s show has told The New York Times Magazine that is indeed a lesbian. When asked by the interviewer about her personal life, she said that she “has a relationship with life”. Pressed further, she then revealed that she was happily involved with her life partner of seven years, Kathy Travis, adding that, “I have never been with a man in my whole life. I’m still a 55-year-old virgin.” Suze went onto to say that she’d like to marry Kathy, and that she is worth “pretty close” to $25 million.

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