It’s been reported that South Africa’s first gay divorce has been put on hold after the Krugersdorp couple in question reconciled.

According to the Son tabloid, Richard Thornton (52) and Andries Jacobs (20), who had been reported by weekend newspapers to be the country’s first gay couple to file for divorce, are back together.

Thorton told the Son that “We realise that we still love each other. I am his Engeltjie and he’ll always by my Liefie and we are determined to do everything possible to save our marriage.”

The two men have apparently recently renewed their vows and exchanged wedding bands for the second time.

Thorton added that they were also considering counselling in order to save the marriage. He said that Jacobs’ youth and unsupportive family had added to their relationship woes.

The men were among the first same-sex couples to marry under the Civil Union Act in January.

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