Two Pretoria men have officially become the first same-sex couple to divorce in South Africa, reports Pretoria News.

According to the newspaper, Kenneth Henning-Hattingh (28) and Jaco Johan Henning-Hattingh (29) – who were married for two months and two weeks – were granted a divorce by the Pretoria High Court on Friday last week.

The couple married a month after same-sex unions were legalised in South Africa – the first country to do so in Africa. Court papers indicate that there was no chance of reconciliation after the marriage broke down irrevocably. Kenneth was the partner to file for divorce.

The two men apparently agreed to an amicable divorce settlement. Kenneth Henning-Hattingh’s lawyer told the Pretoria News that his client “…does not want to make a fanfare of this and hang it out in the public domain. The long and short of the story is that the marriage did not work out.”

Earlier this month newspapers reported on what was set to be the first Civil Union divorce between Krugersdorp couple, Richard Thornton and Andrew Jacobs. A few days later however the men put the divorce on hold when they decided to attempt a reconciliation.

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