Ms. Mason 2009, Reann Ballslee (right)

A university in the United States has chosen a popular drag queen as its ‘homecoming queen’.

Ryan Allen, a student at George Mason University in Fairfax County, Virginia was crowned with a tiara and shash, in full drag, at halftime at a recent sold-out basketball game.

In the talent portion of the pageant, he performed a lip-synching routine to Britney Spears’ song Womanizer.

According to The Washington Post, Allen (22) received more votes than the two women who were also competing for the title. He regularly performs at local clubs in drag under the name of Reann Ballslee.

University spokesman Daniel Walsch told the newspaper that it is “very comfortable with it. We’re fine.”

Allen himself said that he entered the pageant “just for fun”. He added that, “In the larger scheme of things, winning says so much about the university. We’re one of the most diverse campuses in the country, and… We celebrate that”.

Homecoming is an annual tradition at many universities, colleges and high schools in North America and celebrates the welcoming back of former residents and alumni.

The homecoming queen and king are traditionally elected by the student body.

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